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About NT2

This blog focuses on politics, government and journalism in New York.

Our goal is to promote a decent dialogue. We want to air contrarian viewpoints. We want to be constructive.

There’s no specific brand of politics were pushing – except being moderate. We’re not affiliated with any political figure or party. There’s no sock puppetry or hidden agenda here.

We’re a diverse group of people who really, really love the game. We come together to discuss issues and write about them in a way that we hope you’ll regard as thoughtful and fun.

We’re anonymous because we don’t want who we are to detract in any way from what we’re saying. In this regard, we believe in that Benedict Cumberbatch, Julian Assange, Oscar Wilde thing: “Give him (or her) a mask, and he (or she) will tell the truth.”

We also believe, although we’re not religious, in the Methodist motto: “Open hearts, open minds.” It’s really a nice concept that we try to live by, but don’t always uphold as well as we should. When that’s pointed out to us, we are contrite and try to make amends.

As for the name of our blog – NT2 – yes, we know that it’s obtuse and semi-pretentious. It’s an inside joke that’s actually meant to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.

We welcome your comments in response to our posts. We encourage you to disagree with us, but, please, respect the spirit of the blog, which is to be provocative and edgy at times, but not mean-spirited or snarky.


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