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Some perspective

June 21, 2015

Like everyone, we’re trying to get a handle on the moment. And here’s our group musing…

There was nothing magic about Wednesday as the official end of the legislative session. Why June 17? Isn’t that rather early to conclude? Why not go another week? Or two?

If there’s a potential to get more done, keep at it, right?

This seems pretty logical. And yet, something has been standing in the way of progress. What exactly?

Some point to the cloud of continuing investigations. DeFran suggested that nobody wants to make a deal for fear of it being a quid pro quo.

Some cite the new leaders being unable to control their members.  The Assembly, especially, is said to be unable to compromise on anything.

Others blame a PR campaign run by the Catholic Church on the parochial school tax credit. It’s said this one campaign has soured everything behind the scenes.

Others point to Cuomo and suggest that he’s really “lost his mojo” and is “all over the place” in the negotiations.

Now there might be some element of truth in each of these assertions, but we’d wager that none of it is or has to be controlling and defining.

In fact, we’re convinced that with the members sent home for the weekend, the Gov and leaders will do more than salvage the session. Yeah, for sure, there’s no particular pressure on them to do anything but extenders.  The Senate, for example, has no wants or needs right now.  But that doesn’t mean that Flanagan won’t see some utility in getting things done. Flanagan, in fact, seems to be the loosest and most confident of the leaders right now.

A lot of people, including most of the reporters, are really down on the whole Albany scene. There are expressions of disgust – as if the bad old days of dysfunction have returned. Perhaps strangely and without cause, we’re much more optimistic. We’re convinced that by Monday there’ll be encouraging news, and, if not, we don’t see it as a catastrophe. Not every session has to produce landmark agreements.

Meanwhile, look at the Comptroller’s report on tax receipts and look the latest job numbers. Not bad at all.

If they could just compromise to conclude the session, and catch the damn Dannemora duo, we could all have a nice summer.

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