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Classy New Yorkers

June 16, 2015

Question: What kind of people are we in New York?

Answer: We’re scumbags, all of us.

There’s a woman who is obviously not right. She gets in tangled up in a situation where she’s manipulated by some really bad people, and what happens?

It becomes a sensation. The media seeks out supposed acquaintances, friends, who tell sordid stories about her.

The media – the New York media setting the tone for the national media – rushes to print those stories under outrageous headlines.

The media portrays her as the person who caused a prison break.

The media destroys her character – destroys it by calling her “skank” and other disgusting names.

The media claims that she “sought to have her husband offed” by her prison lovers.

We don’t care that all of it is hearsay and totally unsubstantiated.

We don’t care that one day’s account contradicts the previous day’s account.

We don’t care that there’s been no investigation to speak of – just obvious bungling by authorities.

Nothing ever gives us pause about this wild story. We can’t get enough. We can’t wait to hear more “details”– the sleazier, the better.

We see the pictures of the woman, but we look right past the look of anguish and bewilderment and pain in her eyes. Instead, we laugh at her. That’s all of us.

And those authorities, the real buffoons, they play along with character assassination. They tell stories about her, too. They use the pitiful situation to make their points about the effect of cuts to the prison system.

And the Governor, the guy who set the whole farce in motion with an ill-advised PR blitz, he’s now looking the other way.

And people who supposedly speak for the mentally ill, for due process in the legal system, for innocent until proven guilty, for good journalism, for decency, for Christian charity – they are nowhere to be found. Maybe they are laughing, too.

Classy, huh? But this is our state. This is all of us.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 16, 2015 7:08 PM

    It’s weird that nobody has said a word in her defense. No friend, no family member, no priest, no colleague. Or maybe they have said something and it hasn’t been reported?

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