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Information Discovered in 20 Minutes

May 7, 2015

Wouldn’t you think that someone would have urged the Governor not to opine on Glenwood Management? Wouldn’t you think that the Governor would know on his own that he should be cautious on the subject?

But no. The Governor says that Glenwood is great. He says that Glenwood (biggest bundler in state history) has done nothing wrong. He says he going to continue to accept Glenwood contributions, now in excess of $1.2 million. And he says that neither he nor anyone from his staff has had anything to do with Charlie Dorego, the Glenwood executive who is now a cooperating witness for Preet.

We did this thing: We googled Andrew Cuomo and Charlie Dorego. It turns out that Charlie had several meetings with Andrew, including:  “April 18, 2011: Meeting With Charlie Dorego and Richard Runes of Glenwood Management Re Rent Regulation.” This is from the Governor’s public schedule.

We did this other thing: We talked to a friend of ours who was wired to the whole Committee to Save New York effort. It turns out that Charlie was a big part of that.

We did yet another thing: We asked a person who used to be involved in Andrew’s fundraising operation whether Charlie was “a player” in Cuomo-land and the response was: “Big time.”

But the Governor insists he and his people barely know ole’ Charlie D.

Let us be perfectly clear, we really don’t want to see another Governor get into trouble. We don’t want the State of New York to be destabilized any further. That’s why we feel we need to say this, and we’re going to try to say it in a way that is as respectful as possible under the circumstances:

“Dear Gov:  You really need to get yourself on the right side of this issue. You can’t defend a tawdry (at best) status quo. You should be leading by example. You should say: “Preet’s right. Everything has to change and I’ll start with myself. I’m going to create a whole new set of rules regarding fundraising. I’ll do it voluntarily and urge others to follow suit.”

“Now if you can’t do that, Gov, if you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge that the system sucks because it’s a reflection on you and because you don’t want to inflate Preet’s ego any more than it is, well, then you need to, at the very, least, stop making Gary Hart statements and stop baiting Preet. You need to shut the fuck up.

“Think about it, Gov: If this stupid little blog could discover three sets of connections you have to Charlie D. in less than 20 minutes, what can Preet do with subpoenas and wiretaps?”

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  1. CMP permalink
    May 9, 2015 6:35 AM

    Too late….he’s gotta go….

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