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About Respect

April 13, 2015

Being a New Yorker is supposed to mean something.

What exactly?

Well, we stick together when times are tough. Think 9-11, or a blizzard, blackout or hurricane.

What else?

We share values.  First and foremost, it’s tolerance. It’s a city and state of all kinds of people, and we’re cool with that.  More than that, we celebrate it.

In addition, we hold the same things in high regard.  We respect performance, style, grace. Think Derek Jeter, or Mario Cuomo.

And, we have a collective outlook. It’s one of confidence, maybe even arrogance at times, but we’re not pompous people.  That’s because just about everyone’s grandpa or grandma came from somewhere else, and just about everyone’s family is one or two generations away from being poor. So we don’t look down our noses at immigrants, and, in fact, we welcome and embrace the whole “If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere” thing.

Bring a tear to your eye? Good.

Now let us say what we don’t do as New Yorkers. We don’t mess up another New Yorker’s chance at making it big. We don’t subvert, undermine or detract from a friend’s cause at critical moments. We don’t call attention to ourselves on their big day.

Only a totally self-absorbed person does that – like Bill DeBlasio.

This is in reference, of course, to DeBlasio’s classless comments yesterday. On the day of Hillary’s announcement of her candidacy, DeBlasio was making the rounds in the national media saying that his endorsement depended on her adopting a more progressive agenda.

Make no mistake about it – DeBlasio hurt her.  The substance of his comments was that she’s out of touch and her time is past.

Who does that? Who inserts himself into the story on the first day and undermines a friend, a person he once worked for and who helped him get elected? Who does it to an iconic figure in their own party?

Let’s put this in context: If and when George Pataki announces that he’s running for president, what should DeBlasio and every other New Yorker, whether Republican or Democrat, say?

They should say that Pataki is a decent and intelligent man who accomplished some good things as governor of New York. And if you can’t do that, you can’t think of something affirmative to say, then keep your mouth shut.

Of course you can disagree with Pataki’s policies. You can think him uninspiring. You can privately chuckle at his chances. But you just don’t crap on him at that moment in that context.

This is about pride in New York. Nobody succeeds here without having something on the ball. For New Yorkers to criticize either Pataki or Hillary at the moment they are stepping out on the national stage is wrong. Again, it’s classless, and diminishes all of us.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 13, 2015 12:04 PM

    Rob Astorino was able to offer HRC best wishes in the campaign, but not DeBalsio.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    April 13, 2015 12:10 PM

    I totally agree. I am really angry at Bill DeBlasio about this. He has been a great disappointment.

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