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Keeping Tabs on the Tabs

April 1, 2015

No joke. No April Fool’s Day gag. In fact, without comment at all, we’ll simply note what was considered news yesterday in the New York Post:

Grope Beauty: Italian Modal Accuses Harvey Weinstein

Meet the ExCon Whose Prison Workout is Taking Over NY

Five Fascinating Facts about the Penis

Sanford Rubenstein Begged Me to Stage Orgy: Ex Flame

4-Foot Bodybuilder Finds Love With Transgender Woman

Rihanna Rocks in Short Shorts

Springstein’s Daughter Happy with Polo Stud

Amal Clooney Storms NYC in Style

Hillary Also Used iPad, not just Blackberry

Meanwhile, this is what the rival Daily News considered newsworthy:

Where are the Guards? 18-year-old inmate battered and on leash in Georgia prison

She’s Not Afraid of Harvey: Italian Model to Sue Weinstein

2016 GOP Candidates Support Indiana “Freedom of Religion” Law

Anne Frank Died Earlier than Previously Thought: Report

Con Artist Docs’ Medicaid Scam Lured Needy with Free Shoes

Study: Don’t Let Your Kids Sip Your Spirits

Defense Rests in Boston Bomber Trial

Kerik Calls for Prison Reform in New Book

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  1. mark keister permalink
    April 2, 2015 5:25 AM

    no joke

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