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A Happening Place

April 1, 2015

Alexandria in the third century BC. Rome under Hadrian. London under Queen Vic. Buffalo at the time of the Pan American Expo. New York City in the 1920s.

And Albany in 2015. Not.

Maybe we’re delusional, but we’d always dreamed of Albany being a “laboratory of democracy” and place where there was an exciting dialogue on public policy – something more, say, than banning non-essential travel to Indiana, and something more than what we heard last night in the legislature.

Well into the night, the esteemed members of both houses were carrying on and on, and really just complaining about doing their jobs: “Oh, this education package, I just don’t know. Somehow, it doesn’t feel right.”

Come on. Does anybody really think that anything will change? In six months time, what? The world as we know it will be altered? Schools will be dramatically different?  Our youth will be either corrupted or transformed into Elgin Marble ephebes?

The only thing that might happen is that teachers who really aren’t very good in a classroom will have to buckle down a bit or maybe begin to think about picking a new profession for which they’ll have another year or two to sort out what they want to do.

And ethics. Does anyone think these reforms are transformational? Logical, yes. Appropriate, yeah. But transformational? But, ok, we get it. Cuomo feels he has to exaggerate because of detractors like the AG, who earlier struck us as endeavoring to be constructive, but now appears to be just sucking up to the Times and Preet.

It depresses us that the budget debate was so lame from start to finish. We credit Cuomo with ministering to the fisc in a way that is responsible, but we’re embarrassed by the goofiness and secrecy of the cycle and we blame him.

Yes, it’s a new era in which lawmakers, finally, are beginning to assert themselves a bit. Yes, Heastie was a modest success. That said, he really doesn’t look the part. See any photo of him in any paper. Blank stare. And he’s surrounded by people who look like funeral directors.

And Skelos? He makes funeral directors look dynamic.

We’re being terrible, awful, here and we’re sorry, but really: Was this the best we could do?

And moving forward, what? We’re going to argue over charter schools and mayoral control?

We hate to say this, but we think “the action” is elsewhere.

It’s with Chuck and Hillary. And, ridiculously, it’s with Preet. What kind of federal prosecutor attends society parties and Inner Circle gatherings?

So now Albany empties out for several weeks. And Cuomo goes to Cuba and Japan. Our hope is that he learns something abroad and he and the others come back energized and that Albany will be a happening place again.

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