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Maybe the Mansion is Haunted

March 31, 2015

Is there really a state budget? Or are they passing bills with the details to be filled in later?

This is a strange budget cycle, isn’t it? Strange build up. Strange close. And the secrecy!

But it’s a positive outcome. It’s timely. It’s balanced and holds spending under two percent growth. Doing that for a fifth year in a row is damn good. But we have to wonder, is it good enough?

It’s “transformational,” right? It has to be, doesn’t it? All the governor does is transformational, historic and landmark, is it not?

Of course it is. He could never say: “It’s a C plus. Now we move on to the next thing.”

The use of superlatives to describe small steps in the right direction (all we should really expect from government) is actually part of a larger tableau of unresolved emotional issues in our chief executive manifested by a tortured father-son relationship.

Huh? The Gov can’t accept a budget that’s simply good. To do so would be a mark of inadequacy a lonely, obsessive, incapable-of-trusting-anyone, secrecy-mongering soul. (Oh to be biographied!)

Pity for Andrew is a new sentiment for us. We kinda want to say: “Can’t we cut the emotional crap. Cuomo is king. And it’s damn good to be king.” Alas, the expectations, the pressure, the tweets.

Part of us worries, worries. The last two governors either dissembled or went mad in office. Is this one, too, headed toward some kind of personal crisis?

Maybe the mansion is haunted.

Everything now seems to be a sign. He frowns when he smiles. He hugs Heastie, then belittles him. He really likes the Adirondacks. He has a fixation with the mountains. He likes to fly over them…

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