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The Perspective Fairy

March 1, 2015

We must have had a visit from her. She must have tapped us on our foreheads with her magic wand.

How else can we explain our current chagrin at having once been staunch supporters of Andrew Cuomo?

Only a short while ago, we were championing the man as the best governor in modern times, and now we can’t read the newspapers without wondering what’s wrong with him?

He’s fighting everyone – teachers, lawmakers, the mayor of New York, even reporters.

He’s doing incredibly ill-conceived things – like deleting government emails after 90 days.

This from the most open and transparent administration in history?

This from the guy who, as AG, loosed Linda Lacewell on investigatory targets to demand every email they’d written since computers were invented?

This from the guy whose own Division of Financial Services is running circles around federal regulators in part by obtaining emails going back years from big banks?

This from a guy whose administration is now being investigated by the Feds?

Against this backdrop, we met recently with a friend of ours. He’s a person everyone knows. If there’s a Perspective Fairy, he’s the Perspective Fairy Godfather or the Perspective Gnome.

He’s a friend of Cuomo, but unlike the other people in Cuomo-land, he doesn’t deny every premise and get abusive or insulting. In fact, he was quick to acknowledge that this has been a rocky period for the Governor – the rockiest of his tenure so far. That alone was a breath of fresh air for us.

Our friend’s main point is that nothing happening now is really relevant. Four weeks from now is what matters.

The Governor didn’t begin the budget process by staking out a reasonable, logical middle ground on issues. That’s where he wants to end up, but that’s not where he starts the process.  He starts with a hard line.

Of course, he will compromise. Of course, the contentious issues will be worked out.  It’s in everyone’s interest for that to happen and it will.

He says the concerns are “disproportionate” because there’s money this year. There are funds to fix problems.  It isn’t a situation in which anybody is really going to be gored.

The Perspective Gnome made some sense and was somewhat reassuring. We just hope he’s right.  We really do.

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