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Scary Version

January 27, 2015

Snowed in, we’re prone to speculation that could be wild and fanciful, and even absurd.

Or not.

Remember the scene in which the dark government agency operatives say: “Whose controlling Bourne? Who’s directing him?”

And one of the characters answers:  “Scary version? He is!”

Think of Preet as Jason Bourne. He’s been wronged. He’s on a rampage.

In this regard, Preet sure does project a sense of righteous indignation at both the way the system operates and the people running it. He’s a heroic figure in that regard.

So, what’s Preet’s next move?

The question is: Now that Silver is out, can he turn him? Could Silver become a cooperator?  And what would he say?

Scary version? He says that he did indeed make a deal with Cuomo to pull the plug on Moreland, and that Cuomo agreed to bury some of the evidence.

And he says this wasn’t the first time it happened. In fact, back in ’06, AG Cuomo investigated member item spending. He found all kinds of improper conduct by dozens of members, but he never brought a case. Instead, dropped the matter after reaching a secret agreement with Silver.

Jason, that is Preet, then works with Schneiderman, with whom he has an alliance, to get the files from ’06 and roll it all up into a massive case in which Cuomo has allowed politics to interfere with criminal probes. A systematic corruption of the investigatory process, he calls it.

Cuomo is brought down and then…

Wow, we don’t know how this movie ends.

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