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Pathology Report

January 8, 2015

Let’s pretend we’re doctors who examine lab tests and interpret results to diagnose a patient.

Our patient is Albany. What do we see?

Well, after a period of some rather self-destructive behavior, our patient’s overall health seems to have improved somewhat. The patient formerly was presenting signs of hyper-partisanship, bitter in-fighting and dysfunction, and, during this period, the patient’s overall health suffered greatly. But now there are signs of bipartisanship and cooperation.  The patient has functioned fairly effectively and fiscal and programmatic vital signs have improved.  There are, however, some continuing problems, which, if not addressed, could compromise the patient’s health in the future.

In this regard, the patient continues to exhibit signs of the following:


The patient has an irrational fear of reforms that could rectify public image problems. Simple steps, such as providing greater disclosure of outside income, could improve the situation, but the patient views such measures as cataclysmic.


The patient exhibits extreme agitation and dissembling at the mention of the media. This further manifests itself in repeated delusional claims of being open and transparent, while simultaneously being extremely secretive.

Multiple Hypersexual Disorder Syndrome

Despite repeated, high-profile examples of the consequences of sexual indiscretion, the patient continue to exhibit signs of: Seductive Role Sex Disorder; Exploitative Sex Disorder; and Intrusive Sex Disorder. (No kidding on this. Check it out:

Political Anosognosia

The patient demonstrates total body unawareness, including a complete lack of concern for its Southern Tier, which is experiencing extreme atrophy.

Cohen’s Disease

The patient spreads a highly communicable disease in which the afflicted believe that everyone else must agree with them in entirely or be a mortal enemy. This has infected the neighboring advocacy community causing members to view incremental progress as not only undesirable, but harmful.

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  1. David Shaffer permalink
    January 15, 2015 9:52 AM

    This gets more directly at the pathologies I had mainly in mind – for what little it may be worth:

    The “Anosognosia” is really statewide.

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