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Winners and Losers Indeed

December 22, 2014

Let’s do a little exercise.  Let’s figure out how someone did last year.

We don’t need some complicated analysis. Let’s just look at what this person wrote and ask whether, with hindsight, it was accurate or not.

Keep in mind that nobody’s perfect. Nobody can hit the mark all the time. Coming close counts, but a wild miss, well, that’s a source of concern. That ought not to happen too often.

Sooooo, here’s some work to consider:

Cuomo, Amid Moreland Troubles, Realizes He Might Lose In this April column, the reporter said that the governor was “panic-stricken” as a result of the Moreland investigation and that political insiders were already starting to think of “rising-star” Rob Astorino as governor. As it turned out, Cuomo ran an incredibly low-key campaign and coasted to reelection.

Oil and Gas Industry To Contribute Millions to Astorino In this April column, the reporter predicted that Rob Astorino would receive an outpouring of financial support from the energy sector and other business interests. As it turned out, virtually no one contributed to the Astorino campaign. Cuomo, in fact, would outspend him 20-1.

Cuomo’s Racial Discrimination Claims Will Hurt Him In this May column, the reporter predicted that the Cuomo campaign’s negative ads about housing discrimination in Westchester would backfire. He was said to have “injected race” into the campaign in ways that would alienate white and black voters. As it turned out, the ads helped Cuomo win a huge percentage of minority and women voters, which were his two strongest sources of support.

Cuomo Exposed as Liar and Phony In this famous July column, the reporter completed the cycle from adoring fan of the Governor to bitter opponent. He predicted that the US Attorney’s probe would severely compromise the administration.  To date, nothing has come from the investigation.

Cuomo May Dump Hochul Fearing Primary Win by Wu In this September column, the reporter said that the administration was “panicked” by internal polls showing that Tim Wu would defeat Hochul and that governor was actively looking for a replacement for her. As it turned out, there was never any move afoot. Primary race wasn’t even close.

Insiders Say DeBlasio Could Beat Cuomo in Four Years In this September column, the reporter suggested that the mayor had eclipsed the governor in popularity.  Shortly after this column appeared, a series of polls showed a sharp drop in DeBlasio’s popularity.

AG Schneiderman Snorted Coke in Back of Bar In this October column, the reporter related a sensational story that the current Attorney General had used illegal drugs while serving in the state Senate.  The source quoted by the reporter quickly disavowed what had been reported. The report was widely viewed as false and irresponsible.

DeBlasio Could Take Dem 2016 Nod from Hillary In this November column, the reporter quotes the GOP Chair that Hillary Clinton would lose the Democratic nod for president to Bill DeBlasio. The comments by the GOP Chair and the column itself were quickly dismissed.

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