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Thanks for Giving

November 26, 2014

Someone let Sandra Lee loose and she decorated Buffalo all in white. And now Albany, too.

That would be a joke, a silly joke about the governor’s famous girlfriend who favors albus, aspro, blanco, lavahn, weiss, white in all things, including pumpkins.

There was a campaign ad last month that featured the governor and his daughter with white pumpkins on a white kitchen table. Everyone who saw it pretty much wondered the same thing: “Who paints a pumpkin white?”

In much the same way that a pumpkin loses its pumpkin-ness without being orange, the Governor and his people wouldn’t be themselves if they weren’t humorless, surly and secretive. It’s just who they are.

As regular readers know, we apologize all the time for being supporters of the Governor. The rationale, again, is that despite his totally off-putting ways, he’s basically been a good governor who has charted a moderate course — maintaining fiscal discipline while achieving a handful of decent legislative accomplishments.

Those off-putting ways, however, have only gotten worse since the election.  Until the storm in Buffalo, the governor was invisible and non-communicative regarding the small matter of future direction of the state.

We had hoped he and his people would relax a bit after coasting through the election, and also having the good fortune of having a steadily improving economy and a massive surplus. But as only the Governor and his people can do, they seem even more miserable than ever. It’s said that Cuomo, himself, is in a bit of a funk.

Maybe he’s tired after the campaign (although we don’t know why) and needs a vacation.

Maybe he’s miffed that the margin of victory wasn’t as large as he wanted. (He has only himself to blame for that.)

Maybe it’s the poor reception his book is receiving. (See our correspondent’s assessment below on why that is the case: There was simply no news in it.)

Maybe it’s the condition of his father. It was evident at the victory party the great man is now frail, and rumors of late are that he continues to decline.  We sympathize with him on this point, but would also say that if ever there was a person whose life ought to be celebrated, it’d be Mario.

Maybe it’s a more fundamental problem for the governor – like: “Where do I go from here?” That’s true in two respects. The first is: What does he do in New York? What’s the focus going to be? What are the priorities now?  It seems stunning that he wouldn’t have thought about this over the last few months, but if he has, he’s given no one whom we know a clue regarding his thinking. Nor has he really done much to appeal for creative suggestions – and that’s a source of concern in its own right.

Another way in which “Where do I go from here?” might be weighing on him is that 2016 is right around the corner. It’s HRC’s show and he’s stuck. For a guy like Cuomo, that has to be …what’s the word for it? Annoying? Vexing?

Ah, but this is Thanksgiving.  We hope that Cuomo and all of us could, maybe just for a moment, lay aside all that which might be annoying and vexing – and be thankful.

We are. We’re especially thankful for the marvelous notes and comments readers have sent to us. There are some brilliant people who have communicated with us recently. We really respect and admire them, and hope to be worthy of their continued interest in the weeks and months ahead.

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