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What Just Happened

November 6, 2014

The following post-election analysis is by a prominent person in Albany. We thought it was so interesting that we decided to run it in its entirety. We’ve added only a few explanatory notes in parentheses:

“The Governor alienated progressives, the teachers and public employees and drove a significant portion of the practical left (people who would normally vote Democrat or WFP) to Howie Hawkins, increasing the Green vote to more than triple the 2010 level. As a result, the Greens now have Row D, which is valuable ballot real estate.  Two things will happen as a result, and both are very bad for Democrats:

First, the Greens oppose fusion. (They run their own candidates and don’t cross endorse.)  With the success of the Greens on Tuesday, they will be able to field more candidates in more places, and those candidates will get higher vote totals than previously.  This will take votes away from Democrats, and will have the effect of handing close races to the Republicans.

Second, since the Greens don’t have the resources and infrastructure to protect their line, Republicans have occasionally stolen it.  For example, (Republican Terrance) Murphy (running for the open 40th SD in the Hudson Valley) had the Green line because he did an OTB (Opportunity to Ballot challenge) and took it.  This is a relatively easy thing to do in the more rural Republican areas where the Greens have the weakest base. With the improved ballot status, Republicans are likely to do this more often now. They will use the Green line to take votes away from Democrats.  The Murphy campaign actually did (an unsanctioned) Hawkins/Murphy Vote Green mailer this year. Many people won’t know these Republican candidates are actually frauds (who don’t believe in the Green agenda at all.) The effect is to siphon off votes of those concerned about the environment and tip close races.

All of this is the Governor’s doing. He was pissed off by the Teachout insurgency. He set things in motion to undermine the WFP, but it is going to compromise the Democratic Party, especially upstate. The effects of this will be felt long after he’s gone. It will be a twisted part of his legacy.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 6, 2014 5:09 PM

    Fracktivists will have a field day.

  2. Dave Hewitt permalink
    November 7, 2014 10:54 AM

    this is just because of the midterms and the fact that a lot of people dislike Cuomo in upstate. 2016 will show no mercy to the green party.

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