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54 Percent

November 5, 2014

Nobody in Cuomo-land wants to come right out and say it, but Andrew’s use of Mario’s own words in his victory speech last night and the poignant moment when they held their arms aloft together – that was a last hurrah.

Good for Andrew for seizing the opportunity. He’s often thought of as a heartless guy, but he did the right thing by his father. He tried to honor him in a way that would be most meaningful for the Old Lion.

In this regard, what matters most to Mario probably isn’t the sentiment others feel for him. In fact, he’d be uncomfortable with that. Instead, he’d want some element of his philosophy to live on. He’d want to believe that he’s a source of continuing idealism in others.

Andrew certainly talked last night as if that were indeed the case, but there’s some irony here.  The son, while occasionally pursuing idealistic goals, is actually the ultimate pragmatist.  His comment last night about avoiding the excesses of left and right is instructive.  That’s what he believes is the secret of his success. And success it is. Getting 54 percent of the vote on a night when Republicans kicked butt nationwide is significant. And it would have been larger margin had he avoided some avoidable mistakes in recent weeks.

As results from last night are dissected, it might be the case that people on the national stage now begin to notice the unique way Cuomo has positioned himself.

Moving forward, the candidate who is easily typecast and labeled as partisan will be handicapped and suspect.  In this regard, every presidential election is a reaction to the style of the person who previously held the office. If Obama is polarizing and unable to get things done, and he is, then the person to replace him will be someone who can work with both sides.

Who better fills that bill? HRC or AC?

Yes, primary dynamics are still in play. But is it really likely that the Tea Party and ACORN will hold the same influence in ‘16? Or will both parties see the need to moderate?

If it’s the later, then Cuomo (and Christie, too) will be in play. Between now and 16, Cuomo will be able to build on his strength.  He really isn’t sweating Republican control of the State Senate. He’s worked with them before and will do so again. Nor is he terribly upset that the WFP and others on the far left will continue to take shots at him. That actually works for him under this construct.

You’d still have to say that Andrew is a long shot, but there is a path for him.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 5, 2014 4:43 PM

    You guys are drinking cool aid.

    The dark prince will just continure to make enemies and eventually no one will support him.

    He can not help himself – if he is not in control he only knows to attack.

    It is stupid. Well then that might be the bottom line – he is not really smart.

    His office also never answers his mail another stupid thing to do.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    November 5, 2014 9:20 PM

    This column is more of a fond wish than a rigorous argument. It’s one thing to position yourself as a moderate incumbent in a rosegarden election in which few voters turned out and your strategy relied on backroom maneuvers. It’s quite another to articulate the rhetoric and policies that would motivate large numbers of moderate voters to stream to the booth, and to do it in states where you’ve never campaigned. Retail game in Iowa and New Hampshire is also much more intense than the ball we play here.

    Also would argue with the assertion that our election responded to pro-GOP national trends (“54% on a night when Republicans kicked butt is significant.”). Ours was a referendum on the gov, not on the president and his policies (which probably remain more popular here than in many places). Per D & C, “Astorino, the Westchester County executive, grabbed about 1.4 million votes — almost the same exact number of ballots cast for 2010 GOP candidate Carl Paladino.” So no GOP “wave” here, just the 40% base vote. What’s significant is that AC’s votes dropped by almost 685,000.

    We re-elected our calculating moderate in a snoozer, without selling a single bold idea. He alienated the left without gaining on the right. Is there a show here to take on the road?

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