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It Was The Year Of …?

October 14, 2014

There’s still a ways to go in the election cycle and a fair amount of time before the end of the year, but it’s not too early to begin to think about how 2014 might be remembered.

It was a year in which it seemed like everybody was being investigated for everything. The media ate up the corruption narrative and never really noticed there was more smoke than fire.

It was the year of no ideas, no priorities and demurral for the legislative conferences. The Assembly Majority, once stubborn about having its own progressive agenda, assumed a lowest of low profiles in hopes that voters would forget the bad behavior of its members. Senate Republicans, kowtowing to the Conservative Party, said no to virtually everything and had no agenda either.

It was the year in which NYC’s new mayor careened from rising star who might eclipse the governor on the national stage to buffoon who is secretly controlled by his wife and Al Sharpton.

It was the year of the hyperbolic campaign. Liberal Democrats rallied round an insurgent candidate who claimed that state’s most successful governor in decades had actually undermined public education, exploited state workers, destroyed the environment and was so thoroughly corrupt he should resign. The Republican candidate – despite every economic indicator showing improvement – stubbornly insisted that the state was losing and people were leaving the state in droves because it is an awful place.

It was the year of using your kids as campaign props. Little Astorinos were rolled out again and again to help their Daddy stand up to a mean man. And grown-up Cuomo daughters, whose privacy was once fiercely guarded, debuted in statewide ads to show that their Daddy has a sensitive side.

It was the year that Cuomo was Cuomo’s worst enemy. He feuded with the media. He bungled Moreland. He needlessly antagonized the base of his party. He feuded with the media. He refused to debate or offer anything but the sketchiest of plans for a new term. He feuded with the media.

It was the year Cuomo finally began to emerge as a major political figure with overseas travel and a national book tour after his resounding reelection victory. (Maybe)

It was the year of …?

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