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We’re back!

August 4, 2014

Yes. We’re back.

It happened recently. The core members of our original group saw each other at a social gathering. It was pure happenstance. We hadn’t been in close communication in some time, but on that day, together again, all we had to do was look at each other. We were all thinking the same thing: Let’s restart the blog.

Although it’s been a long hiatus, our motivation is the same as before. We’re doing this to help ourselves understand what’s happening in New York politics and government. We’re doing it to work out some of our frustration with the frequent lack of meaningful public debate in Albany. We’re doing it to have some fun. And we’re doing it with the sincere hope of being constructive.

On this last point, we want to again serve as unofficial media watchers – providing constructive criticism of the news media of which we’re all junkies. For the most part, we really do respect the reporters writing about state politics and government. Nevertheless, we think their work should be scrutinized along with the politicians they are writing about.

As we do this, we will endeavor to be moderate and temperate. We want to write forcefully, but hope we don’t come off as know-it-alls. We assure you all that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

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