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Another Bad Bet

November 17, 2010

It’s hard for us not to believe that Mr. Cuomo isn’t already running state government. In this regard, nobody in any position of authority (who harbors any hope of retaining his job after Dec. 31) is going to act on anything substantive without a signal from the Cuomo camp that it is OK to do so.

So when you see major developments, such as the announcement of a controversial casino in the Catskills, it’s a good bet (pun intended) that Cuomo was involved. And when you see Cuomo people associated with the project, it’s a sure bet.

Setting aside the merits of the proposal – and we’re sure that there are positive economic development aspects to it — we’re absolutely dumbfounded by the process.

How, after the whole AEG fiasco, do state officials conduct secret negotiations with an out-of-state Indian tribe and come to an apparent agreement without any public dialogue whatsoever? How is this consistent with the new era of integrity and openness the Cuomo has promised?

The answer is that it is not consistent. It’s just the same old back-room dealing.


Update: As we suspected we might, we’re getting pushback from the Cuomo camp. They insist their man was not involved. Yes, he may have heard something about the project, but he did not sanction it. It wasn’t his decision.

Instead, this deal was apparently brought to us all by the same Paterson staffers responsible for AEG — Peter Keirnan and others in the governor’s counsel’s office. Keirnan was a star (facetious) of the IG’s report.

This information is apparently supposed to reassure us, but somehow it’s even more disconcerting.


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  1. Mark Keister permalink
    November 17, 2010 10:43 AM

    A definition of mental illness; when some one performs an act, getting consistent results and believing the results will be different.
    We are all nuts NT2 but those who believe the system will offer anything different are crazy.
    Bet on that.

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