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November 10, 2010

Now that we’ve got the rank sentimentality out of our system (see previous post), let’s have at some of the really bizarre goings on in recent days:

What gives with Cuomo? He won’t do a victory tour of the state. He won’t visit upstate cities, but he will visit a maximum security prison and mental ward? What statement is he making with that? Tell us again.

What gives with Pataki? Yeah, by comparison to Paterson and Spitzer, he’s looking better, but running for president in 2012? Really?

What gives with Cuomo and Paterson? They are such good friends. They hold each other in such high regard. And they had a squirt gun fight? Please, TMI.

What gives with Mark Grisanti, the apparent victor in the 60th Senate District in Buffalo? He wins the seat as a Republican, but he’s really a registered Democrat? And he doesn’t know who he’ll caucus with in January?

What gives with Mark Schroeder, Democratic Assemblyman from Buffalo, who insists on crapping on the leader of his conference? Is there something in the water in Buffalo?

What gives with Cuomo again? Is he trying to antagonize black leaders? It’s impossible for him to appoint even one person of color to his transition team?

What gives with Mayor Bloomberg? He goes to China and criticizes Americans for his Chinese audience? Is he running for mayor of Beijing?

Rather than settling down into a period of stability and focus on pressing policy issues, New York politics appears to be getting goofier and goofier.

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