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Election Day

November 2, 2010

One of our friends tells the story of his college days, when he had a political science professor who was Asian. The professor was a brilliant individual who was well-liked by all the students. The only problem was that she spoke with a heavy accent and was not able to properly pronounce words that included the letter “L.”  Instead of making an “el” sound, she made a clipped “r” sound.

This manifested itself in a humorous way on Election Day, when she went around the room inquiring as to whether each of the students had participated in “Erection Day.”

Silly, of course. But the equally memorable thing for our friend was the poignant reflection of the professor on the extraordinary privilege that Americans have in selecting their own leaders. The professor went on to explain that choosing one’s leaders was a relatively new phenomenon in human history and that this ability was denied to many in the world in modern times, including people in her native land, which suffered under a totalitarian regime. The professor implored students not to be complacent about voting and said that it was, indeed, a privilege.


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  1. Mark Keister permalink
    November 2, 2010 12:11 PM

    Beyond privilege dear NT2 ! It is our duty. We constantly allow such a small percentage of our population to control the out come of electoral process. A typical turnout for election nation-wide is around 50% of registered voters, the plurality of same makes the “majority rule” a mockery.

    We compound the problem of apathy with stupidity; believing such exotic notions as unimaginable in other spheres of life and voting with such paramount in our awareness . . .
    and what do we get? The most powerful, influential country in the world run by boobs!

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