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Reflection on the 2010 Campaign

November 1, 2010

What a weird year!

Democrats refused to support their sitting governor as a candidate.

The establishment Republican was blown out by a political neophyte in the primary.

The Democratic frontrunner refused to campaign for much of year and kept institutional forces of his party at a distance to avoid looking like an “insider.”

The subsequent campaign was virtually devoid of issues, focusing instead on the temperament of the Republican candidate, who made verbal gaffe after gaffe.

The one and only debate of the election turned into a comedic exchange with fringe candidates including a former madam who wanted to legalize pot and prostitution, and a guy with huge mutton chops who answered every question with the phrase: “The rent is too damn high.”

At a time when New York desperately needed a substantive discussion of the direction of the state, we got the most non-substantive, non-competitive, nonsensical gubernatorial campaign in modern history.


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