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More Campaign Questions

November 1, 2010

Here are some more questions/observations about our weird, weirder, weirdest campaign season (see previous post):

What might have happened if Joe Fisch had waited two weeks?

Who advised Rick Lazio to duck a debate with Carl Paladino?

Whatever happened to Paladino’s six books of opposition research on Andrew Cuomo?

Who wrote more puff pieces for Andrew Cuomo: The New York Times or the New York Post?

Have we seen in this election the ascendency of business interests, now unfettered by 527 campaign finance restrictions?

Was Eric Adams right when he said that throwing the bums out was actually a code for throwing the blacks out?

Who did Al Sharpton really vote for?

Who did Fred Dicker call first after his confrontation with Carl Paladino?

Did Cuomo make a deal with Bloomberg in the AG’s race?

Could Eric Schneiderman have been any more clueless about the 49 percent of the electorate called Upstate NY?

Will the Assembly Majority be weakened or strengthened by a loss of a handful of seats?

Does anyone hire Roger Stone again?


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  1. numbers permalink
    November 3, 2010 12:51 PM

    schneiderman clueless about upstate? did you notice he nearly swept the upstate ed boards (Rochester D+C, Syracuse Post Standard, Albany TU) and if you include the Hudson Valley add Poughkeepsie Journal and Journal News. He seemed to be upstate far more than Donovan, and was definitely on the air here far more than Donovan.

    Looking at the numbers now, it appears Schneiderman lost the region by just single digits, no small feat for a Manhattan liberal.

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