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Last Minute Jitters

October 29, 2010

On this last weekend before the election, we think you should reflect on what is about to happen in New York. A new era is about to begin.

It’s the Andrew Era. It means change – much of it for the better, and some of it not.

The Positives

Cuomo will bring competence and stability to state government. Just by having him walk in the door, things will improve in New York. In this regard, business leaders have been waiting for an adult to deal with. They’ve put new construction, renovation and all manner of economic activity on hold, just waiting for someone with whom they can engage. He is the person they’ve been waiting for.

Cuomo will have the proper focus. He will reduce state spending, and endeavor to do so in a way that is as humane as possible. Yes, he will make the needed cuts, but he will not savage the government. The thought of him doing so is absurd. He grew up with a liberal icon for a father and was committed to that philosophy until the point when it no longer made sense in light of economic realities. He will endeavor to bring New York into line with other states on spending and taxes. Many people will portray this as draconian, but it is the logical and correct thing to do.

He will not embarrass New Yorkers. There will be no scandals of significance during his tenure. He will be extremely careful about his personal conduct, and he will surround himself with only the most hard-working and capable people.

The Negatives

Let’s not kid ourselves about this man: He is not a warm and fuzzy fellow. Civility, collegiality and high-minded discourse are not about to sweep the capitol. He will make a nod toward those concepts, but it will quickly become apparent that everything he does is transactional. He will form temporary alliances to get things done, but there will be no sense of loyalty to a party, to any individual or higher idea. In fact, things will get nasty at times, especially for his fellow Democrats, whom he will try continually to undermine. Ironically, he will work very well with Republicans.

He will not be open or accessible. If notions of openness and transparency are important to you, you will be sorely disappointed. Anyone who has closely observed him knows that he is secretive, and that he has no hesitation at all in misleading and manipulating the media. In fact, he gets involved in this directly and enjoys doing so.

He will frequently be too clever and cute for his own good. He is in love with the concept of triangulation, and will forever be playing the angles in Albany. It will backfire on him, but he will quickly adjust and adapt.

In the end, we think his accomplishments will far outweigh the negatives, but there will be moments when we all wonder whether this is true. There will be many times that we all complain about him and curse him. And yet, we believe he is the right man for a very difficult job.



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  1. whiskers permalink
    October 29, 2010 10:46 AM

    You are pretty gullible. I epsecially like this one: “He will reduce state spending.” You realize that Shelly will not tolerate any spending reductions?

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