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October 28, 2010

State Sen. Eric Schneiderman ran a solid primary campaign. He and his people clearly understood the core constituencies of the Democratic Party and how to appeal to them.

But Schneiderman never did what a liberal is supposed to do after winning the primary – which is to tack hard toward the center. Instead, he has run a general campaign with the primary strategy that emphasizes issues like choice and gay rights.

In fact, Schneiderman has never given the average person outside New York City a reason to vote for him, which is why he is doing so poorly upstate.

Mix in some gaffes – such as his stupid comment about having an AG’s office “annex” for the Rev. Al Sharpton – and you have a competitive race against a GOP opponent who was largely unknown.

Add the antipathy of the New York Post and you have a real problem. The Post is now on one of its famous crusades. The newspaper – including both news and editorial pages – is gunning for Schneiderman. See today’s snide editorial headlined, “Senator Sleaze.”

We think the Post’s shots against Schneiderman are cheap. His connections to the AEG mess are tangential, at best.

But here’s the key problem: Who is defending Schneiderman?  Or rather, who is NOT defending him?

The answer: Andrew Cuomo. Yes, Cuomo previously endorsed Schneiderman, but it was after he’d pushed another candidate, Nassau DA Kathleen Rice. The two men put on a good show at the endorsement news conference, professing their affection and respect for each other, but nobody believed it.  Wags now explain and underscore the awkwardness between the two men by noting that Andrew knows better than anyone else how an adversarial AG can undermine a governor.

Cuomo, the darling of the Post, could mute the Post’s attack on Schneiderman, but he is silent.



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  1. anon permalink
    October 28, 2010 2:39 PM

    In Syracuse, Democratic AG candidate promises crackdown on gun violence

    Democratic Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman speaks this morning at Syracuse City Hall. From left to rigtht: Utica Mayor David Roefaro, Mothers Against Gun Violence member Helen Hudson, candidate Eric Schneiderman, Albany Mayor Gerald D. Jennings, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.

    Syracuse, NY — Democrat Eric Schneiderman promised this morning that if he is elected state attorney general in November, he will collaborate with other states to combat gun violence.

    Schneiderman joined Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, members of Mothers Against Gun Violence and the mayors from Utica and Albany in a campaign stop at City Hall. Schneiderman is a state senator from Manhattan.

    His so-called “I-95 Coalition” is aimed at expanding statewide efforts to crack down on illegal guns by collaborating with other states who are combating similar problems. That includes Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey, Schneiderman said.

    He cited a Mayors Against Illegal Guns figure that 40 percent of the gun crimes in Upstate New York are committed with guns from states with weak gun laws. Across the state, that number is 66 percent, he said.

    He said his plan would not impact those who keep guns legally.

    “You don’t see shootings with legal guns,” Schneiderman said. “It’s very, very rare.”

    He said he would deploy the state’s Organized Crime Task Force to combat gun violence. Federal authorities aren’t doing enough to crack down on illegal guns crossing state lines, he said.

    • October 29, 2010 10:02 AM

      Dear Anon:
      Yep. You’re exactly right. This underscores the point. Nobody announces an initiative like this in Syracuse, site of the state’s largest gun show and outdoor sports exhibition.



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