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The Scion-ess

October 22, 2010

Young people often rebel. They go their own way. They pursue their own course even if the one laid out by their parents is infinitely better.  It’s just the way of things.

Occasionally, though, there is a young person who is more than dutiful. He or she will understand instinctively the benefit of accumulated knowledge, and will allow himself or herself to be groomed, and they will succeed, sometimes in extraordinary ways.

Think Mozart and his dad. Think Cal Ripkin, junior and senior. Or think Kirstin Gillibrand and her parents.

KG is the scion-ess of an extraordinary political family. She has benefitted from the connections of her family, and from the guidance of others.

Mentoring is a nice way of putting this. In reality, she has been told exactly what to say and do to succeed.

Lest you think this is some insult on our part, understand that what we’re talking about is no easy thing.

Politics is a cut-throat game. You get up in front of the cameras and you put on a show. Nobody can wing it. You have to prepare. You have to listen to the experts. You have to be smart, disciplined and poised. If you don’t do all of these things, you get ripped apart. (See Carl Paladino.)

KG gets this. She’s always been an enthusiastic participant in the program that was devised for her.  And last night was no exception. She was carefully scripted in her debate with Joe DioGuardi.  It wasn’t an extraordinary performance for her. She stuck to her talking points, which is what she always does. She smiled. She empathized. Occasionally, though, there was a flash of intensity that makes us think that she just might be something more than the complete and total product of her handlers.

And this is our point. We don’t know for sure, but KG might be special. She might be that rare person who takes advantage of the breaks, achieves success at a young age and keeps on going based on his or her own talents. Time will tell.


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