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Regarding Mr. Grannis

October 22, 2010

Take heart, Pete. To be fired by the Paterson administration is almost a badge of honor.

Nobody is going to think less of you because you sounded an alarm regarding cuts that would impact the DEC’s core mission. In fact, in some quarters, you’ll be a hero.

Think, as well, of the pure irony of having the announcement of your termination come on the very day when the state Inspector General exposes the Governor as clueless and his senior staff as incompetent in the Aqueduct matter.

No, being a team player on this squad is not a good thing.

In fact, you probably should have taken your leave earlier, like the Governor’s communications people and his criminal justice advisor, Denise O’Donnell. They all quit in disgust at what was going on internally. That action certainly didn’t hurt any of them. In fact, they’ve been elevated.

The waning days of any administration are awkward, but the end of the Paterson regime will be bizarre as more and more staffers realize that they should separate themselves from administration policies.

You won’t be alone, Pete. Others will follow


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