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Our Naïvete and Hope

October 20, 2010

We’ve always believed that New York was the major leagues of politics, and that other states were more than a little hokey.  

For example, when Sarah Palin was introduced by the McCain campaign a couple of years ago, our first impression was that she was at the level of a candidate for an upstate Assembly seat.  

This isn’t meant as an insult to Palin, but as a statement our belief that people in New York have to be pretty sharp just to qualify as a candidates and really tough to survive in elected office. 

Alas, Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate burst the bubble that New York politics are super sophisticated.  

And if you want to thoroughly disabuse the notion that we’re on a higher plane, go to: 

This excellent website has done an analysis of what it calls “cookie cutter ads.” These are ads running across the nation employing the cheapest and most distortive ploys. 

Thought New York was above the baser appeals? Think again.  

In races all across the state, pols of both parties are using the same themes that drive voters in the proverbial hamlet of Jerkwater, U.S.A. 

Perhaps we were being naïve, but we thought New Yorkers were smarter.  

And this brings us to Andrew Cuomo. We know he is well aware of the sad deterioration of politics in New York. You could see recognition of that fact in the bemused look on his face during the debate.  

We know that it is probably unfair to ask him to single-handedly change this, but that’s what we will all being doing in two weeks.  


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  1. Mark Keister permalink
    October 20, 2010 10:52 AM

    Ah, the bubble has burst; the Best of the Best are as bereft of quality as the rest.

    What is it we expect? Both sides [and indeed, why are there only two sides?] offer nearly the same platitudes. It has been obvious for decades that the common wisdom is to say whatever is necessary for ” ME to GET IN ” then, ride high and wide – steam roll any one or thing that gets in the way; cozy up to the money bag [can’t you just smell it? who says there is no odor to green?], keep your nose just so far back as to not get stained brown, and with great aplomb smear your opponent with as much of the brown stuff as you can sling – or better yet get someone else to sling it!

    Carl Rove’s nickname is Turd Blossom, lest you forget.

    Hubris is killing us all. Naivete. Gullibility. Profound Tone Deafness. Not just the sins of Podunk but also of the Best of the Best.

    We’ve been getting screwed without being kissed far too long. We do indeed need to wake up, see what we’ve done and clean-up the mess. Not easy to be sure but highly necessary.

    Sadly, we get the government that reflects the consciousness of the people governed. Screwed and abused; that is the dominant paradigm. Some are just better at slipping it in. And as long as we keep letting them in, we’re gonna keep getting the shaft.

    At least we’ve had a great mix of clowns to squeeze the wheeze.

    No wonder people seek Howard Beale.

  2. whiskers permalink
    October 20, 2010 8:48 PM

    “Sarah Palin was introduced by the McCain campaign a couple of years ago, our first impression was that she was at the level of a candidate for an upstate Assembly seat”

    That’s an insult to most candidates for upstate Assembly seats. And why mention upstate? Why not a downstate candidate?

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