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Next Moves After the Debate

October 19, 2010

New York, a state once known for the sophistication of its political debate, is now a laughing stock. There’s nothing we or anyone else can do about that, so it’s best to just move on.

In this regard, what are the logical next steps of the various candidates?

For Andrew Cuomo, it is all about the base. Charles Barron will siphon minority votes. Cuomo has to work hard to minimize Barron’s appeal and one way for him to do that is to follow through with the urban agenda he promised earlier in the campaign.

For Carl Paladino, it is all about salvaging something. He was viable as an idea — the angry candidate in an angry year. But as an individual, he’s simply not a marketable entity. His only hope is statewide advertising campaign in which the man is subordinated to the message.

For Charles Barron, it is about consolidating his gains in the African-American community after a confident debate performance and reaching out to Hispanics who may be even more disaffected. Barron can become a major player (and eclipse Al Sharpton) if he broadens his appeal.

For Warren Redlich, there is clear opportunity to help shape the future of the GOP.  In fact, there are millions of Republicans now looking for a place to go. To the extent he espouses common sense conservatism, he could peel off votes from Paladino. 

For Howie Hawkins, the future is being the populist soul of the Green Party, not its standard bearer.

For Jimmy McMillan, there is probably a reality TV show in his future.

For Kristin Davis, it is the talk show circuit and a new book: “Vice is Nice.”

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  1. Mark Keister permalink
    October 19, 2010 4:30 PM

    The laugh this season is Universal, not a region of the country is bereft of crackpots financed by wealthy crackpots pushing fanatical agendas.
    Yet within the 90 minute yawn fest there were good ideas from all of the clowns; perhaps we can have a septumvirate? As with the old saw that politics is like making sausage . . . there might be enough solid meat after we cook off the lard and cut out the rancid.

  2. whiskers permalink
    October 21, 2010 8:10 PM

    Actually it was nice to hear from candidates who weren’t from the two political parties that are responsible for the mess we’re currently in. Hawkins, Davisand Redlich are well informed. And McMillan addressed an important issue- the high cost of housing downstate- that other candidates have ignored.

    Enough with insiders like Cuomo and Paladino. It’s time to elect someone who’ll shake things up.

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