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A Squandered Opportunity

October 6, 2010

There was a moment for Carl Paladino. 

It was right after his primary victory and the surprising Q poll. Everyone in New York was looking to see whether he was the real deal or not. 

People liked the fact that he was a true outsider and they got a kick out of his irreverent comments about establishment figures associated with the dysfunction in Albany. 

But they were looking for something more. They were trying to figure out whether he had a plan and a strategy for changing things. If he did and it was a good one, they were willing to seriously consider voting for him. 

Unfortunately, Paladino has pretty much squandered his golden opportunity. 

There appears to be no rationale for his candidacy, only anger. And as Andrew Cuomo has pointed out: Anger is not a governing strategy. 

Now even Paladino’s own people have doubts about him. This was evident from Roger Stone’s recent attempt to distance himself from Paladino’s attack strategy.   

Stone says it’s ok to challenge people’s integrity, just not their sex lives. Paladino is wrong to do that, and must “dial back,” Stone says.  (This is an especially interesting perspective from Stone, who resurrected himself in New York politics by delving into Spitzer’s sex life.) 

We were trying hard to give Paladino the benefit of the doubt, but now we think it might be too late for him to dial back his comments and present a real plan for governing. 

Each day, he seems to do something new to underscore the impression that he’s just not suited by temperament for public office. The latest example is his insistence on calling people he disagrees with “criminals.” 

We think there is something stronger than frustration and anger in people. It’s their sense of decency and fair play. In the end, people want the governor to be gubernatorial.

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  1. Mark Keister permalink
    October 6, 2010 12:41 PM

    Ah, the double bind; we seek Paladin we get a refugee from the land of The Hidden Hand.
    We want the River Boat Gambler, quick w/derringer, knife, card and wit; we get mini-Me with an Ahnold complex.
    We want simple honesty yet we believe any load coming down the pipe.
    We seek the Messiah if only to crucify…
    We need ideas and ideals instead we get “do as I say not as I do; and really, it’s their fault.”
    We want change but can’t stand movement

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