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Man Up

September 21, 2010

Again, we find ourselves agreeing with and defending Carl Paladino. We know it’s absurd. We know his politics are divisive. We can’t imagine him winning, and the prospect of him actually doing so disturbs us. 

And yet, when he swings at Andrew Cuomo we find ourselves cheering. Why? What is wrong with us? 

Paladino’s latest ploy is call out Cuomo on debates. “Man up, Andrew,” Paladino says. 

We don’t even know what “man up” means, but we agree. 

We assume that it is a reference to machismo. And in the context of a weekend story in the Times, it’s rather humorous. 

Cuomo, according to the Times, was less than truthful about having a dog. A reporter had asked: “Paladino has a pit bull. What do you have?” Andrew first said that he had no pet at all, but a couple of days later, when challenged, he admitted that he has a Chihuahua.    

Man up, indeed. 

But back to our problem, why do we enjoy this banality so much? 

A friend of ours who has similar sentiments explained to us in this way:

 “On one side of the scale you put Paladino, who is doing his angry man thing. Of course, it’s superficial and stupid, but it is rightfully pointed toward the chaos of Albany.” 

“On the other side of the scale you place Cuomo, an extraordinarily capable guy who nevertheless refuses to campaign, refuses to debate, refuses to comment to the media and can’t even deliver a single policy address.” 

“What happens?”

“The scale tips with a clank toward Paladino.”

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 21, 2010 12:07 PM

    “O.K.” Corral – Paladino uses a shotgun; Andy a derringer…close work is always dangerous and a little more stealthy, no less deadly.
    Laying odds NT2?


  1. [Wo]Man Up {Media for Democracy] (via NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide) « OntheWilderSide

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