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Who’s Who in the Campaigns – II

September 1, 2010

For some strange reason, “Who’s Who in the Cuomo Campaign,” continues to be one of our most visited posts. 

Because of the continuing interest, and because we believe that “how you campaign is a statement about how you intend to govern,” we offer this updated and expanded version of our earlier post. 

The Cuomo campaign 

Joe Percoco is Cuomo’s campaign manager. Percoco has been written about in the Times and elsewhere as the ultimate Andrew loyalist. He’s been part of the Cuomo world since his days as an advance man for Mario 20 years ago. Percoco is known for carrying out Cuomo’s orders to the letter. 

Paul Francis is the top policy advisor. The former budget director for Eliot Spitzer leans left, but you’d never know it from the moderate to conservative positions he has been outlining for Cuomo. 

Strategic advisors include two old Cuomo hands: John Marino and Drew Zambelli. 

Jennifer Cunningham, a top union strategist who was running the campaign a few months ago, apparently is no longer involved – a significant fact that seems to have gone largely unreported. 

The Lazio campaign 

Kevin Fullington was acting as campaign manager, and he became a familiar face for a while due to his campaign briefings, which were videoed and posted on the Lazio website. In these presentations, Fullington sounded more animated and informed than his principal. But Fullington is now out. He has been replaced by Republican State Committee staffer, Matt Walter, who is regarded as solid, but young operative. Walter was brought on to strengthen ties to the state committee, but almost all top Republicans concede there is no state committee. 

Walter and new spokesman David James run the Lazio campaign on a shoestring budget, and despite their best intentions, it shows.  

The key strategic advisor to Lazio is George Pataki’s political guru Arthur Finkelstein.   

The Paladino campaign 

The day-to-day manager of the Paladino campaign is Michael Caputo, who, without a doubt, has the most interesting resume of any SUNY-Buffalo grad in history. 

Paladino’s brain trust also includes Roger Stone (castle thunder) and John Haggerty. 

Paladino, Stone, Haggerty and Caputo are all said to enjoy macramé in their spare time. 

And in other campaigns: 

The aforementioned Roger Stone is also advising Kirstin Davis, a self-proclaimed “madam,” who is running for governor to legalize pot and prostitution. 

Mark Benoit, veteran NYC Dem operative (Mark Green, Anthony Weiner, Betsey Gotbaum) is running the campaign for Tom “Deenah-poll-ee.” 

Chapin D. Fay, a former Pataki aide and congressional staffer, is running Harry Wilson’s campaign.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 1, 2010 6:37 PM

    The castle thunder reference is a hoot. Ever since I was kid watching Scooby Doo, I’ve been intrigued by the ultimate ominous sound. And it certainly is apropos with Roger Stone, who is more than a little cartoonish. But the info I was looking for in the post is: Who is producing the ads for each candidate?

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