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FUD on the Mark

August 30, 2010

We’ll say it again: When he wants to be, Fred Dicker can be a great reporter. Evidence two insightful stories today – one regarding the battle for the control of the State Senate, and the other regarding the gubernatorial race

With regard to the Senate, Dicker reports that Majority Leader John Sampson, under pressure from union chief Stuart Appelbaum, returned a $15,000 DSCC contribution from the nation’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart. Dicker calls it what it is – another example of Dems pandering to organized labor.   

The only thing Fred missed here was the sheer hypocrisy of this action – Sampson is returning this contribution, but what about other recent contributions?   

We’re not sure what’s going on with Sampson, but his team suddenly seems confused and desperate. 

With regard the gubernatorial race, Dicker airs concerns from the Cuomo camp about the fact that Eric Schneiderman appears to be gaining in the AG race. A Schneiderman victory, according to Fred, would create a nexus of liberal power between the unions, the AG and the Assembly which could temper, if not thwart Cuomo’s reform drive. 

Fred clearly had top Cuomo people expressing this concern, but we can’t figure out why they would be talking so openly about it. 

It’s not like the union officials are going to read about Cuomo’s concern and back down. To the contrary, this will only strengthen labor’s resolve to have a “friend” in the next AG’s office. 

And why mess with Schneiderman? There’s good chance that he wins, and all this does is further sour the relationship. Has Andrew really forgotten what a hostile AG can do to undermine a Governor? 

The whole thing smacks of political control – the “old Andrew” stuff that Cuomo is trying to shake. Shouldn’t Cuomo be focused on his race, instead of other races? Shouldn’t he be building bridges, instead of blowing them up? 

Or, is this some orchestrated fight that is designed to again portray Cuomo as an outsider who is fighting the liberal establishment? 

None of this is to take away from Dicker’s reporting. He’s accurately describing the fault lines that exist in the Dem Party.

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