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Weekend Roundup – August 23

August 23, 2010

The truth about newspaper editorial endorsements is that they rarely have much of an impact in a race. One possible exception to that is a close primary where the candidates aren’t particularly well known. That’s pretty much the definition of the current AG race on the Democratic side, where five relative unknowns are vying for the party’s nod. On Saturday, state Sen. Eric Schneiderman picked up the New York Times endorsement. This could help solidify his support among liberals who make up a significant percentage of the primary vote. And when added to his (1199) union backing, it might move him toward frontrunner status. Interestingly, the Schneiderman endorsement came with withering criticism of Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, who had been viewed as the frontrunner. The Times said Rice has “a limited grasp of the issues” and also noted that she’d failed to vote for many years.  Similar criticism of Rice was part of the Daily News endorsement of Eric Dinallo on Sunday. 

Andrew Cuomo has started running reform ads that say we need to “take back our government” from “powerful corporations that buy access to government.” We’re being only a little bit facetious when we say we wished that powerful corporations actually held more, not less, sway in Albany. If that were actually the case, there might be some control over state spending and taxes, and a better business environment. (NYS recently ranked 50th in a “cost of doing business” study.) Cuomo’s reform plan is actually good, but our group thought his ad for it was weak. It starts off with a bunch of sour-faced folks staring at the camera. Single words in quotes appear beneath each scowling face: “Disgraceful” … “Dysfunctional” … “A mess.” It concludes with happy-faced people and happy words: “Sign up” (for the Cuomo reform plan) …“Take Back Government” … “Together!”   

The Daily News profiled Carl Paladino on Sunday and he came off as a lot more “normal” than Democrats would have you believe. Indeed, we think that ordinary voters reading the article will consider him genuine and intriguing. This is probably why the Cuomo camp was quick to lash out at Paladino in today’s Post, where he is described as a “kook” and “a wealthy bomb-thrower.” (The Post’s new objective approach to the campaign lasted all of what … a week?)

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