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Postology 101

August 16, 2010

The other day, a New York Post editorial writer announced that he was leaving the newspaper to join the seminary. Speaking of his spiritual and journalistic callings, he said: “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.” 

The only problem with that construct is that the Post editorial board, until recently, hadn’t done anything to afflict the heretofore very comfortable Andrew Cuomo. 

In fact, the Post’s editorial and news pages were solidly in the Cuomo camp, fawning over his every move and either ignoring or ridiculing the moves of challengers. 

But the “Cuomo can do no wrong” approach may be changing.   

The Post sharply criticized Cuomo for attending Charlie Rangel’s fund raiser/birthday party. The editorial board called him “two-faced” for claiming to be a reformer and outsider, while cozying up to Rangel, who is now a national symbol for ethical lapses.  And, this morning, the Post noted how Cuomo’s anti-Albany message may work against his fellow Dems. This certainly isn’t a revelation, but the mere fact that it was laid out in such stark terms certainly doesn’t help Cuomo. 

What’s going on here?  Has Cuomo lost or begun to lose the Post? (Remember what that meant to Spitzer? You can pretty much chart Spitzer’s emotional/psychological decline to the launch of the Post’s crusade against him.) 

Has the Post become disillusioned with Cuomo? (It would seem too early for that.) 

Have the national Republicans, who are suddenly interested in New York, made an appeal to the Post editors? 

Have the editors woken up to the fact that Cuomo’s poll numbers do not support the newspaper’s unabashed booster-ism of him? 

On this last point, Cuomo is not in the high 60s anymore. In fact, he’s trending toward a sub-50 percent mark. (When we first warned about this a few weeks back, Cuomo supporters were sending us nasty notes. It should be clear now that it is a real phenomenon. In fact, the great Chuck Schumer is already below 50 percent.) 

Our guess is that the newspaper editors are indeed looking at the polling data and may have concluded that a weaker top of the Democrat ticket may be the surer way to achieve what the Post has always wanted – two party control in Albany. 

And on this specific point, (we hate to admit) the Post may be right.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 16, 2010 1:39 PM

    This is premature. The break is coming, but hasn’t occurred yet. Most likely it will be over Cuomo’s first budget. When it doesn’t cut state spending enough, they’ll turn on him.


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