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Friday the 13th Briefs

August 13, 2010

We’re beginning to worry about Andrew Cuomo. With the extraordinary honor and challenge of leading the state ahead of him, all he seems to be able to do is talk about his relationship with his father. He’s at it again in a just-released New York Times magazine profile. It’s almost like he can’t control himself. Will somebody please tell him to focus on the problems facing the state.


For a long time our Republican friends were in a funk, but they seem to have found their mojo again. Yeah, the top of the ticket is still in doubt, but what they are seeing in polling gives them encouragement. The Dem discount rate we talked about months ago is stronger than ever. The challenge, though, is dealing with a parallel, though not quite as significant, incumbent discount rate. 

Our Democrat friends in the Assembly, meantime, are abuzz with warnings from superiors about the possibility that the majority could lose as many as 10 seats in the fall.  It’s possible that this is being said to motivate the troops, but we don’t think so. Assembly Dems are probably seeing the same results as Senate Republicans. And here’s an interesting question: If the Assembly Dems could actually lose 10 seats, how many could the Senate Dems lose? 


What do NYSUT, the Pride Agenda and the NY Post have in common? They all came to their senses in the last few days. NYSUT took a pass on endorsing anyone in the gubernatorial race because no one was signing up for their agenda. The Pride Agenda wised up to the fact that some Dems aren’t friends and has begun targeting those individuals in primaries. And the Post, after months of fawning over Cuomo and refusing to write anything negative, took a pop at him for attending the Charlie Rangel event. What’s the old line – if two people agree all the time, one isn’t thinking? 


It’s mid-August, and we’ve been querying friends and associates for best vacation plans. The winner, in terms of most creative and erudite plan, is a friend of ours who is now tooling around the Catskills and Adirondacks trying to find the exact location that certain 19th landscape artists used to paint their famous scenes. He and his family will go to Olana, the Keene Valley, Lake George and the Ausable.  He plans on ending up in Blue Mountain Lake where the original paintings are on display at the Adirondacks museum.

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