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The Budget Finale

August 4, 2010

This is the part of the Albany drama we never liked. The show is over and now the players are assessing their own performance. 

They all insist that they acted according to the highest ideals and with the purest of motivations. 

They pretend that the bitter fights and angry recriminations never occurred. They ignore the fact that there were extended periods of pure petulance when nobody would even talk to each other. 

They now say this is a wonderful budget that will strengthen the state. 

We’re sorry, but we just don’t see it that way. As budgets go, it is good only in what it avoided – massive borrowing for operational expenses and huge tax increases. 

As a process, it was ridiculous. In this regard, this deal clearly could have been reached four months ago. There’s no substantive difference between what was at hand in April and what was finally agreed to in August. 

The notion that Paterson prevailed in this process is ludicrous.  He achieved virtually nothing except to set the all-time record for most special sessions gaveled in and gaveled out without action. 

Alas, the budget and the legislative session are finally over. Let the political season begin in earnest.

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