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Post Partisan

July 22, 2010

Can one be “post partisan?”

Not non-partisan, which can make you a political eunuch. And not bi-partisan, which can make you politically promiscuous. 

Instead, we’re talking about the ability to consider political developments purely on the merits. We’re talking about the ability to support or oppose ideas and initiatives solely because you think it might be good for the state and its people. 

Is this really possible?  

One of the ways you might know that you might be approaching a post-partisan state of mind is when you can derive equal satisfaction when either party executes a well-conceived and constructive political move. 

Such was the case today when our NT2 board learned that the Senate Minority, en masse, had signed up for Ed Koch’s reform initiative. This initiative involves ethics, budget and redistricting reforms. 

Even those among us who were formerly involved on the Dem side and who regard Dean Skelos and his aging contingent of lawmakers with some suspicion, heartily cheered this development. 

It was said by all that Skelos’ move was both good politics and good government. It was said that if voting for Republicans now helps advance the Koch initiative, then people should consider doing so – even avowed Democrats.     

We put the labels aside when it comes to advancing the goal of truly competitive elections, which is the centerpiece of the Koch initiative, and we urge others to do the same.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 22, 2010 1:25 PM

    I’m a Democrat, but I found Malcolm Smith’s comment that they intended to redistrict the Republicans out of existence to be extremely offensive.

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