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DAP’s Accomplishments

July 18, 2010

They all do it.

Governor Cuomo used to issue news releases that almost made it seem like his Decade of the Child initiative was an exercise in eugenics.

Governor Pataki began so many news releases with the phrase “Under the leadership of Governor George Pataki ” that it became a kind of running joke.

Governor Spitzer couldn’t cite a legislative accord without referring to it as “landmark.”

And then there’s Governor Paterson, who, according to a news release this weekend, has done more in the last 18 months than any other governor in history. This is true in fiscal management, job creation, health care, capital investment and a host of other areas.

Who knew he was such an outstanding executive?

Isn’t this the guy who set the modern record for an unfavorable rating by a sitting governor? Isn’t this is the guy whom the Post referred to as “Spitzer’s biggest mistake?” Isn’t this is the guy who was told not to run again by his own party?

You’d never know it from the official communications from his office. Now we don’t begrudge the spin guys their trade. They are supposed to portray things in the best light for their client, but some of their claims can be ridiculous, and can destroy all credibility ­ not only theirs, but their principal’s credibility and the government’s.

In this regard, while we’re always supposed to be skeptical of what government officials say, we’re not supposed to hold such officials and the government itself in contempt for disregard of the truth. But that’s what often happens when the spin guys lay it on so thick.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 18, 2010 5:32 PM

    Paterson’s press shop has been working overtime lately. Why the big push to burnish his image. Seems like something is going on behind the scenes. What could it be?

    • July 18, 2010 7:33 PM

      Dear Anon:

      Yes, it does seem like something is brewing, and several possibilities occur
      to us:

      1. Paterson is auditioning for a job. A while back, there was a rumor that
      he wanted to get a broadcasting gig. Satellite radio or something. Maybe
      he’s getting serious about it now.

      2. Paterson is being considered for some type of appointment or post in the
      federal government, and this is some kind of pre-announcement,
      pre-confirmation build up.

      3. Investigators — Judith Kaye or the Public Integrity Commission or the
      Feds — are poised to announce something negative and this is a move to
      build him up before he takes a big hit.

      If we had to bet, we’d take No. 3.

      Thanks for your post.


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