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Of Genies and Wishes

July 11, 2010

You have been granted a wish. What will it be?

No, it cannot be a request for more wishes to be granted.  Come on now, you get just one wish, and for the purposes of this blog, which focuses on public policy in New York, it must have something to do with our state.

What is the single most affirmative development that could occur? What is the one thing that, if it happened, would improve all our lives?

Don’t be snarky and say: “Paterson should resign.”

Don’t be randy and say: “Kick out the other spies, but keep Anna Chapman.”

Don’t be delusional and say: “LeBron.”

Think politics and government.

How about a new era of civility in Albany?  A breakthrough in collegiality and public-mindedness by our elected officials, all of whom seem to hate one another?

Better, but unrealistic.

What about a specific reform initiative, such as disclosure of lawmakers’ outside income?

Disclosure of such information is important, but it is not that big of a deal. A much more significant reform would be Mr. Koch’s independent redistricting plan.

Give up? The best thing we could all wish for is a real rebound in the New York City financial sector.

And guess what? It appears to be happening. There are now reports of increased hiring in the sector. It’s just begun. It’s not a groundswell, but it’s solid and growing.

Many thought those jobs were gone for good. And if that was the case, New York was on its way toward being a third-rate state.

But no, Wall Street, which caused the recession, is now leading the state and nation out of it.

And that’s a wish granted.

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