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The Return of the Wedge Issue

July 7, 2010

For the record, we’ve tried to be supportive of Rick Lazio in hopes of having a vigorous and principled campaign for governor. But Lazio’s campaign has been and is uninspired, and that’s putting it mildly. 

The latest Lazio effort is to call out Andrew Cuomo on the matter of a mosque at Ground Zero. Cuomo, because he believes in diversity, and because he knows that many Muslims were killed along with Christians, Jews and others on 9-11, has said that he thinks the mosque should be included at the site along with other memorials. 

Lazio, because he read a poll that said a lot of people are anti-Muslim, has seized on the issue as a matter of “personal security and safety.” 

This is a wedge issue plain and simple. What Lazio is really saying to voters is: “Don’t think; just get emotional about it.” 

Indeed, if you want to get emotional and bypass any cognitive process, you can believe the following: 

All Muslims are terrorists. Cuomo likes Muslims. Therefore, Cuomo likes terrorists. 

This is stupid. And yet, it’s what Team Lazio is encouraging with this appeal.


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