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A Certain Four-Letter Word

June 30, 2010

We’re trying, but we’re just not getting it. 

There’s outrage toward the State Legislature for passing its version of a final budget. The tabs seem to be in some kind of contest to see who can express the most indignation and, also, who can come up with the best art to illustrate the conflict. The red VETO stamp facsimile is good, but Paterson with his face an inch from the desk is still the most arresting image. Poor David. He’ll have to work 29 hours to sign all the paperwork! The Post thinks that’s just awful. So much ink! Yes, it’s the Post we’re talking about, the same paper that called Paterson the laziest governor in history. 

But back to the point, or to be exact, our inability to see one. 

We can’t figure out why (beyond selling newspapers) this is being hyped. We know it’s the way the system is supposed to work. We know it’s preferable to continued impasse. We think good things are happening as a result — namely, spending is being reduced. 

We don’t fault the lawmakers for passing bills that represent their spending priorities in education and health care. That’s what they are supposed to do. 

We don’t object to Paterson exercising his veto power. In fact, we think it’s terrific. We actually think he should veto more than necessary and use some of the proceeds to create a fiscal cushion for the state and maybe also to reduce state debt. 

Veto, veto, veto. It has four letters, but it’s not a dirty word. 

Why the hysteria? Our only problem with this scenario is that it took more than two months to come about. If this happened in April, it would be called orderly government. 

Why can’t people embrace this as the way the system is supposed to operate? Why shouldn’t this happen every year?

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