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OMG Time

June 29, 2010

It’s “Oh My God!” time with some in the media. 

Something different is greeted a cataclysmic event, a crisis. 

At issue is the decision by state lawmakers to advance their own version of a final budget. The Post says that “Even by Albany standards, yesterday’s budget battle reached new lows.” 

The Post goes on to describe how lawmakers “trashed the governor’s bid to balance the budget.” 

They are said to have “callously thumbed their noses at the governor and all New Yorkers.” 

We disagree. Remember 7th grade social studies class? The executive proposes; the legislature disposes. The lawmakers pass bills. The governor can veto bills. The lawmakers can override. 

This is the way the system was set up. In their genius, the founders foresaw situations where people would disagree and created a mechanism for resolution.  The fact that we are now employing that mechanism is a good thing. 

The lawmakers have done the right thing here. They advanced budget bills that represent their priorities. This wasn’t some phony and venal act on their part. 

And with regard to Paterson, if he really believes the veto is necessary to balance the budget, then his action was right, too.   

Nothing about this exchange – nothing – should be regarded as improper. The only travesty was the week-after-after week impasse

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