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“Remembering Games and Daisy Chains and Laughs…”

June 25, 2010

 Kirstin Davis is at the Capitol, arguing for the legalization of prostitution and pot, and again insisting — despite the fact that investigators have never established any connection between her and Eliot Spitzer — that the former governor was her client. 

Roger Stone is squiring Ms. Davis at the Capitol, defending Joe Bruno and disparaging Spitzer. 

Curtis Sliwa is in a red robe with a scepter in one hand and parchment in the other, saying “In Cuomolot…from this day forward, all lasagna must be made with cottage cheese. This is my decree.” 

Randy Credico, the official comedian of the Fred Dicker Show, is dressed up as Diogenes and doing Richard Nixon voice impressions, and Fred is asking him questions as if he really was the former president.       

Carl Paladino, in an editorial board meeting in Watertown, says that Governor Paterson was and is and always will be a “drug addict.” And when his aide says, “That was off the record,” Paladino says he doesn’t care whether it is or isn’t on or off the record, and he repeats the claim.

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