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Come On , Rick

June 22, 2010

Posturing is probably inevitable in a campaign, but it doesn’t become Rick Lazio.

We want to think of him as a genuine article, as a guy who says what he means and means what he says. 

But his new web ad hitting Andrew Cuomo is too clever, too cute. It shows Cuomo literally kissing Shelly Silver, the ultimate insider. It shows Vito Lopez, the personification of a political boss, describing Cuomo as a product of Albany.  It makes it seem like Cuomo is best friends with both men, when, in reality, relations are strained.   

This ad isn’t about winning the election. It would never get Lazio close to the finish line, let alone over it. Instead, it’s meant to drive a wedge between Cuomo and the lawmakers, and to make Cuomo’s job of governing the state that much harder. 

It’s a cynical ad written by somebody at the RNC who wants to keep Cuomo mired in Albany and off the national stage. 

Why not try to win the race instead? 

Sure, Cuomo has a 70 percent approval rating, but he’s in the 50s when it comes to the head to head match up. This means his support is wide, but not deep. It should tell the Republicans that if they gave people a reason, they’d consider someone else. 

Come on, Rick. Come up with a better set of plans to improve the state. Don’t make it too complicated. It’s three or four key things. Then take your plan all across the state. Let the people know that you believe in it and will really fight on their behalf to make it happen. Forget about Cuomo. Let him do his Rose Garden thing. You just focus on the plan. Good things will happen.

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