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Note to the Leaders

June 18, 2010

You’re in a rush to complete the budget and the legislative session. Everyone is pressuring you for action on their issues. You know the budget has been a fiasco and that the session has not been very productive, and that the people back home are thoroughly disgusted with Albany. 

What do you do in a situation like this? 

You do something that is unambiguously affirmative. You do something that no one could argue with. You do something that addresses a crying need in New York State. 

And what could that be? 

You pass a comprehensive ethics overhaul. It’s not a complicated thing. It includes greater disclosure of lawmakers’ outside income, it sets up an independent legislative ethics panel and it gets rid of the ineffectual and scandal-ridden Public Integrity Commission.

 You’ve already studied these issues. You consulted the good government groups. Bill copy is drafted. The Governor has reconsidered his previous opposition. Now all you have to do is act. Doing so is good government and good politics. It works for everyone, especially you, Mr. Sampson.

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