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Weekend G2

June 14, 2010

Here’s everything we heard since Friday evening, in no particular order:

After a rocky period, Silver and Sampson are on the same page again. They
have reached a tentative budget agreement, which they want to finalize this
week. The question mark is the Governor. The lawmakers need the Governor to
deliver amended bills, but have no confidence in his desire or ability to
conclude the process.

Dean Skelos’ stock has risen in recent days.  For the first time in a long
time, he and his conference look like the mature ones. This is a result of
Skelos’ dressing down of Paterson for being “hysterical” about the budget,
and his decision to give the Dems the votes they need to pass an extender to
avoid a government shutdown.

While Skelos and the conference have gained from looking statesmanlike, they
have suffered from the retirement of one of their more youthful and
well-spoken members, George Winner. Even though they stand a good chance of
retaining the seat, insiders in both parties seem to be dwelling on the
notion that Winner must have known something and that there was no way he¹d
“bail out” if the Republicans were going to win.

People closest to the governor are worrying about him.  He¹s said to have
finally realized that his public service (the only thing he’s ever known)
will be over soon. He’s said to be stressing about his next career move.
While he has enjoyed his recent foray into broadcast journalism, he laments
the fact that it may involve more work and less remuneration than desired.

Attorney General Cuomo has told people close to him that he wants “a quiet
summer” and won’t hitting the campaign trail any time soon.

Some of Cuomos people continue to talk about a so-called a strategy to deal
“the Silver problem.” The latest iteration involves appointing Silver to a
judicial post and installing someone who¹ll be more malleable and

AG contender Eric Schneiderman is gaining on the supposed front-runner in
the race, Nassau DA Kathleen Rice.  His attacks on her record haven’t been
met with much in the way of push back, and she has appeared rattled. The
Cuomo camp, once gung-ho for Rice, is now taking a wait-and-see approach.

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