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Oh, Albany

June 14, 2010

We can take it when they fight amongst themselves. It’s annoying, but that’s what they do. 

We’re not surprised by indecision and inaction. That’s almost routine at this point. 

And we’re hard to shock now. Another scandal involving greed or turpitude? OK, who is it this time? 

But, oh, when they start messing with state economy, that’s when we become truly exasperated. 

Consider this partial array of recent, ill-conceived policy actions: 

  1. Phasing out the Empire Zone program;
  2. Failing to reauthorize IDA financing for non-profit organizations;
  3. Increasing bond issuance charges;
  4. Reducing ESDC programs for job creation;
  5. Spending the majority of federal stimulus on social services instead of infrastructure repairs;
  6. Blocking virtually all Marcellus shale drilling;
  7. Suspending government construction projects to “save” money.
  8. Reclassifying shareholder-owned utilities as “public entities” and requiring them to pay prevailing wage to vendors.  

The legislative session is coming to an end and state lawmakers have only made a bad economic situation worse. 

Our commitment at NT2 is never to become cynical. But it sure is hard not to feel that way at times.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 14, 2010 12:12 PM

    You accuse Albany of “Spending the majority of federal stimulus on social services instead of infrastructure repairs;”

    Talk to the Congress, which designed the stimulus. States have no choice in how the funds are spent. I agree, more should have been spent on infrastructure and other investments that strengthen the economy in the long run. But that was how the program was designed in Washington, not Albany.

    the “social services” spending was for unemployment and other transfer payments to low income people, who at least can be counted to spend it right away, which produces some short term boost to the economy.

    Thanks to the Republicans, a very large chunk went to tax cuts, which is also not infrastructure spending and not guaranteed to be spent.

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