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Rick Lazarus

June 3, 2010

Call him Rick Lazarus.  He’s back from the dead. In fact, he’s very much alive and has a real chance against Andrew Cuomo. 

Disregard the Post’s silly commentary suggesting that Steve Levy would have been the more formidable opponent. Cuomo’s people were spinning that, but they know otherwise. They know their man has problems in minority community, especially among Hispanics. They desperately wanted Levy to be the candidate because he is poison with Hispanics. 

Lazio, meanwhile, actually has a Hispanic strategy. He’s getting help from national Republicans who know how to appeal to the nation’s largest minority bloc. As a group, Hispanics are more conservative socially and fiscally, and ripe for an “opportunity for all” message.   

Lazio, whose real name is not Richard, but Enrico, can deliver this message convincingly. He can hold his Republican base and make inroads with Hispanics and be competitive in the fall. 

There’s more. Everyone was deriding the Republican convention, but the product that came from it is actually pretty good. Donovan and Wilson stack up well against Schneiderman and DiNapoli. In each race, you’re talking about proven professionals vs. long-time pols. 

In addition, Lazio is onto something with his “Status Cuomo” line. They’ve polled it. They know that people really don’t think of Andrew Cuomo as an outsider. Yes, Cuomo has outlined some new policy positions and endeavored to separate himself from the crowd most identified with the Albany mess, but Lazio is forcing him back into that box, and Cuomo is helping with his continued Rose Garden approach. 

Lazio and the Republicans have life. This is going to be an interesting campaign season.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 3, 2010 1:48 PM

    1. You assume Schneiderman wins, not Rice (favored by Cuomo) or Dinallo or Coffey. If it is any of them, Donovan loses the edge you posit of pro versus pol.

    2. DiNapoli has done a very poor job and is the wrong person to be Comptroller. That said, you need to give Wilson a harder look. I saw him asked about handling the pension fund, supposedly his strength coming from Wall St., and his answers showed he didn’t know what he was talking about. Wilson’s real ace in the hole is Cuomo’s efforts to knock out DiNapoli, so he could be the only statewide Republican to win. Again, I expect you guys to have some real standards and to be more substantial.

  2. mark Keister permalink
    June 3, 2010 4:06 PM

    A Second Coming for Rick? Don’t you suppose even with Enrico as monicker the Republican taint ala Arizona and overall [illegal] immigrant bashing by the farther right won’t spoil NY hispanics for the Party of Lincoln?

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