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You Gotta Believe

June 1, 2010

Like Mets fans, New York Republicans seem to have forgotten their team motto.

With every setback, they complain. They roll their eyes. They shake their heads. They think the season is already lost.

But there is hope. There is a way that things could come together for the GOP. Here’s how and why:

Despite the New York Post’s insistence, Team Cuomo is not invincible. In fact, it has real problems and weaknesses. The minority community is disaffected. The labor community is outraged. (The WFP is actually looking for a Hispanic candidate to endorse for governor.) And major segments of the Democratic Party, including influential lawmakers, are only going through the motions in their support for Cuomo. In reality, they are deeply troubled at the notion that he is going to “run against the legislature.”

Minorities, unions and party members – this is the Democratic base, and if it is weak for Cuomo in a year as volatile as this, it is a problem.

That’s not all. There’s something about the new Andrew Cuomo that you can’t quite explain. Yes, he has identified the right set of priorities for the state, but something is amiss. He was always associated with liberal beliefs and policies, and now he’s espousing moderate to conservative beliefs.   

It’s as if he was playing for the Yankees and now he’s on the Mets. More than that, his uniform and ball cap just don’t fit.

Will the public buy it? Maybe, but maybe not.

Instead of getting out on the field and playing the game, Cuomo and his LG candidate have withdrawn from public view. They should be everywhere now – explaining their positions, reassuring the doubters and making everyone believe that the new Cuomonomics will turn this state around. Instead, they’ve gone back into the clubhouse.

Another thing to keep in mind: Cuomo, even though he dominates in the polls, has never been that good of a campaigner. Yes, he can deliver a speech like none other. But he gets too cute. He’s the star player who tries to be a hotdog and ends up booting the play. And he will make a mistake at some point in the campaign. Everyone makes them. What happens then? Will he get tight? Will he make another error, and another?

What the Republicans need to do now is live by all those dorky baseball clichés: Don’t swing for the fences. Just take it one day at a time. Hustle. Play like a team. Give a 110 percent all the time. And most important, you gotta believe!

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  1. mark Keister permalink
    June 2, 2010 7:03 AM

    What if – you don’t beleive, never really believed and just can’t muster the mojo any more? Seems right to mee. All these Old Boys whether in NY or elsewhere promise truth, integrity, back to basics etc. and go right on stealing, lying, cheating – in France when Jacques Chiraq left office even the wine cellar was emptied . . .
    Elsewhere you get US Senators all indignant over personal preferences [of course, former NY Gov’s are not immune] then get caught [horrors!] doing those very things. . . “I’ve just got a wide stance”… Or maybe proposing laws vis a vis lying about military service [unless of course, it applies to members of your own Party!]

    So, maybe holding back a bit, not glad handing every prospective voter, not making a glamourous show, maye it is more than pretty smart – maybe it is Best!

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