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THE Family of New York

May 27, 2010

It had to be a poignant moment for the old man. There was his boy doing what he used to do, and doing it with all the vitality and style that he once had. 

It’s a Cuomo thing – working up an audience, deepening the voice, raising its volume to the point of shouting, speaking into and over rising applause without so much as a breath or pause. 

Rather than being poetry, the words, themselves, can be ordinary. But they are delivered with such clarity and power that it makes for a compelling speech. 

Just like the old days, it was. 

When the speech was over, there was a curious moment. The family members filed on the stage, and the father and son embraced. The son whispered something into the father’s ear. Then the father turned away, his face inscrutable.   

It sure would be interesting to know what was said.

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